New Location Menu

Hitch Coffee proudly serves Maquina Coffee; a roaster located in Coatesville, Pennsylvania; with over 15 years of roasting experience. “Every coffee [they] choose to place on [their] menu is meaningful to [them] through taste, story, connection, and relationship.”

We wholeheartedly second their vision as we strive to continue that connection from field, roaster, to cup, to customer  

All drinks on our menu are served in the traditional style. 


Event Menu

Regular and Decaf Coffee
12oz- $2.75

16 oz- $3.25

Iced Coffee
12 oz-$4.25

16 oz- $5.00

Traditional latte consisting of 1 or 2 shots of espresso with steamed milk- served hot or iced
12oz- $4.50

16 oz- $5.00

Flavored Latte
Traditional latte consisting of 1 or 2 shots of espresso, choice of flavor, and steamed milk- served hot or iced.
12 oz – $5.25

16 oz- $6.00

Traditional cappuccino consisting of 1 shot of espresso and steamed milk.

6oz- $4.00

Flat White

Two shots with steamed milk

6oz- $5.06

Served with 1 or 2 shots of espresso over water- hot or iced.
12 oz- $4.30

16 oz- $5.00

Traditional Macchiato
1 shot of espresso served with a dollop of foam.

3oz- $3.70

Non-espresso Drinks:

Chai Latte
Chai concentrate mixed with milk- served hot or iced
12 oz- $4.80

16 oz- $5.30

London Fog
Earl gray tea steeped with vanilla and steamed milk
12oz -$4.80

16 oz- $5.30

Hot Chocolate
Smooth chocolate ganache mixed with steamed milk – served with house made whipped cream
12 oz-$3.55

16 oz- $4.00

Hot Tea
Earl gray tea steeped in hot water, served hot or iced
12 oz -$3.00

16 oz- $3.50

Sweet Tea
House made black tea steeped in sweet goodness- served iced. 
12 oz -$3.00

16 oz- $3.50

Add ins and Flavors:

Dutched Chocolate Sauce


Ghirardelli Carmel Sauce


Maple Syrup

Honey & Cinnamon

Non-dairy Milks:

Oat Milk – $1.25

Almond Milk- $1.25